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Jose Antonio Coderch

Extract from the 2G biography

He was born in Barcelona on 26 November, 1913.

He completed his architectural studies in the Barcelona School of Architecture, where he was taught by Josep Maria Jujol.

He worked in Madrid with Pedro Muguruza and Secundino Zuazo.

In 1942 he formed a partnership with Manuel Valls and they opened their first professional studio of architecture.

He was a member of the Grupo R and he became friends with Gio Ponti.

In 1947 he built the Garriga Nogués house in Sitges and a few years later, he designed the Spanish Pavilion for the Milan Triennale, which won great praise from Aldo van Eyck, Max Bill and Peter Harden.

In 1951 he began the Ugalde House after which he produced his most emblematic work, designing the houses owned by Catasús, Ballvé, Luque, Gili and Zobel among many others.

The 60s marked a start of a fruitful period when he was a lecturer in the Barcelona School of Architecture, a post from which he would later resign.

Coderch died in 1984


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