José Antonio Coderch. Manuel Valls


The maintenance of the Ugalde House has undergone three important phases since it was first built in 1951


The first phase was the shortest because as soon as the house was finished, the owner, Mr Eustaquio Ugalde, used it as a second residence for a few years.


At the beginning of the 60s, the property was used by another family who also only lived in the house during the summer months.

During those years, the attention was placed mainly on tidying up and improving the garden, which was enlarged thanks to a great platform which was erected in the southern area of the land, thus creating a paved access up to the house. A central heating system was also installed in the home.

Fortunately during this phase, no significant changes were made that would prevent the the whole estate from being recovered. Other works produced by Coderch have undergone changes which make it difficult to return them to their initial state.


In 1992, the third and current owner of the property acquired the house knowing that it was in need of a great restoration. Because the house was built during a period when materials and facilities were of limited quality, added to the fact hardly any maintenance work had been carried out for forty years meant that it was necessary to immediately draw up a comprehensive maintenance programme.


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The house is NOT available to visitors.

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