José Antonio Coderch. Manuel Valls

The story

At the beginning of the story, a text appears that was hand written by Coderch and in which he mentions the words marvellous view several times. This idea would form the base for the design of Mr Eustaquio Ugalde Urosa’s house.



In another text that was typed out by Coderch himself, he explains how the assignment was made, which turned into a real obsession for both the client and the architect himself.








These three photographs were taken whilst the building was underway and they comprise a unique document in which it is possible to see the few existing trees, as well as the rudimentary building systems used.























This could easily be the picture the Ugalde family dreamed of but it is quite possible Coderch would have never imagined that the respect for the trees that existed in his project would undergo a change fifty years later; a change that would ruin the wonderful views he had yearned for.









The views from the house when it was built in 1952, where it was possible to see the famous tower mentioned by Ugalde.

The picture on the right shows what can be seen through the same window in 2010.


Coderch planted three cypress trees very near the façades. In this photograph taken in 1952, it is possible to see the tree that is planted next to the entrance onto the terrace and which was still attached to the façade by wire, in order to help it grow perfectly.

The second photograph shows the same cypress tree in 2010.



1992. The Council of Caldes d’Estrac included the house in the Catalogue of Protected Elements of the district.

2000. The Japanese magazine AU selects the 33 most important single-family houses of the 20th century. The Ugalde House is the only Spanish one to be published and it shares this honour with other houses such as Robie House, Une petite maison, Melnikov house, Maison de verre, Curutchet and Farnsworth, among others.

2003. The Generalitat of Catalonia declares the house as Cultural Heritage of National Interest.

The house is NOT available to visitors.

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